I moved to Oakland to gain more experience in the jumper ring and start to jump the bigger classes. What they have done for me in a short period of time is incredible. Working with both Darragh and Hardin has been amazing. They are both great trainers and it’s so easy to relate to them since they are competing every day. Since working with them I have become so much more confident in the ring. Their program is so great for the horses and they are going better than they ever have. I have learned so much in a short amount of time and am very excited to see what the future holds!”
— Kirsten Ostling

I have a lot of respect for Darragh as a rider and a really amazing teacher. Darragh cares a lot – it doesn’t matter if we’re jumping a 1.50m grand prix or if I’m doing a 1.20m class. He cares about his riders at any level. When Darragh isn’t here, he always watches all of my rounds, wherever they are, and then calls me after the class so we can talk about it. He’s always involved in it no matter what.
— Teddy Vlock

Hardin is a fantastic trainer. He has helped me feel confident and competitive even though I have not been doing the jumpers for very long. I am very grateful to have him as a trainer because he is always there to help and pushes me to ride at the best of my ability.
— Maggie Hill

Darragh holds a unique place in the sport in that he is not only a phenomenal rider but also an incredibly gifted teacher. He genuinely cares about his program and the success of all of his clients. He always makes the time and is present. The Oakland staff’s professionalism and quality of care of the horses is a direct reflection of Darragh’s commitment and love of the sport. I feel very lucky to be a part of the Oakland Team!
— Veronica Tracy

I have only been riding with Oakland Stables for a short period of time but I have enjoyed every minute here. Darragh and Hardin have already taught me so much and I have seen a lot of progress in my riding. They are both driven and work really hard on their own careers but also make sure to always follow me and my horses. I have learned a lot from their training but there is also so much to be learned from just watching them ride. I am really excited for my future with Oakland Stables.
— Sarah Rose Berg

He is more naturally gifted as a trainer than he knows. He is very relatable, and being a top rider himself he is maybe able to communicate certain things a lot faster than a trainer that wasn’t in the ring all the time would. It is amazing to get that feedback, and watching him compete is inspirational to me.
— Kerry McCahill